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A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #60: Three Random Recommendations

Here is a link to download the audio directly- Episode #60: Three Random Recommendations

Episode Overview-

This episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST is sponsored by Texthelp Systems, provider of award-winning literacy solutions including Read&Write GOLD and Fluency Tutor. For more information, go to

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Episode #60 features a description of three random recommendations from actual evaluations.  This is the Season Finale for Season 3 of the A.T.TIPSCAST!

A.T.TIPS In This Episode-

A.T.TIP #107: Drag N’ Drop activities in MS Office

Step by Step Drag N’ Drop in MS Word – This may a bit dated, but it gives a good idea about how to create a drag n’ drop activity.

Sample Sorting Activity – Here is an MS Word 07 doc I created as a sample of a simple sorting activity.

A.T.TIP #108: Identifying individual machines based on different functions

A.T.TIP #109: Using the “Notes” feature of a student’s own cellphone

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