Hi All,

This is Chris’ wife, Mel. I am hijacking his blog. How I got in here isn’t important . Let’s just say it took some gum, a ferret, and an accomplice to help me break in. Whew, I am feeling like a fish out of water in WordPress. It is fancy in here. Why am I here, you ask?


Happy Birthday Chris! As part of your present, I collected some audio birthday messages for you!  You will find the links below to hear them:

Sally and Molly’s Talking Tom app message –

Sean’s Fotobabble message-

Patrick’s Vocaroo message-

Brian’s Songify App message-

Jeannette‘s Voice Memo message –

Flanigan Family Vocaroo message-

Matt’s Vocaroo message from Paris-

Night Light Stories Household’s Vocaroo message-

Darth Vader’s Birthday Message-!

Milliman Family Vocaroo message-

Chris’s Voice Memo Message –

Beth‘s WordFoto app Picture message –

Pic of Chris and his kids as spelled out with the words Happy Birthday

Amy‘s Doodle Buddy App Picture Message –

Happy Birthday message with two smiley faces and two presents

Please feel free to leave a birthday wish for Chris in the comments! I know he would LOVE to hear from you!

Thanks for having me!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog!


  1. Lisa Gleeson

    Happy happy birthday Chris! You made me a believer in pacing boards the first time I tried teaching preschool and for that I thank you profusely 🙂
    Lisa Gleeson

  2. lakelly

    Chris –
    Happy Birthday, and thanks for providing such awesome information on your blog! My birthday present is to let you know that your book, The Practical Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools is having a HUGE impact on helping us develop AT teams, staff training, and programming through an initiative we were given permission to start this year (FINALLY) in the School District of Superior, WI. I happened on your book at THE most opportune time. Thanks for the many contributions you have made and continue to make to the AT community!
    Linda Kelly
    AT Coordinator

    1. Christopher Bugaj Post author

      Wow! Thank you so much Linda for sharing this birthday gift! Sally and I are both so pleased that the book is helping you to develop your program. It’s messages like this that make writing the book all worthwhile! That you for sharing! If you ever have any questions, please know we’re here to help! Good luck and have fun!


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