The AT Mannequin Challenge at ATIA 2017


three mannequins

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Mannequin Challenge. The concept is simple. For no good reason, create a scene where everyone holds completely still as another person walks through the scene filming it. Then, post your video to entertain or inspire others. Here’s a link to some of the more popular ones which have already been created –

How does this relate assistive technology?

Let’s gather together to participate in a Mannequin Challenge to raise awareness for the use of technology to support people with disabilities. Let’s do an Assistive Technology Mannequin Challenge.

When: Friday, January 20th at 6:30pm ET

Where: At the launch of EdcampAccess at the 2017 Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida


REGISTER for EdcampAccess International

Who: You and every one of your colleagues!

What to do: Creatively show off a concept, principle, practice, or piece of technology used to support a person with a disability by holding a pose for approximately 1 – 2 minutes. Someone, likely me, will slowly move through the crowd filming it.

Once recorded, I’ll edit it together with some music and post it to YouTube. Then we can all share it with everyone we know!

If you have any questions, let me know! 

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE! The Mannequin Challenge Happened! Here is the video we made together!

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