#ATchat Book Study for July 2018 is on The New Assistive Tech: Make Learning Awesome For All

Cover of the New Assistive Tech: Make Learning Awesome For All!

Starting the week of July 9th, educators around the world will be discussing questions related to The New Assistive Tech: Make Learning Awesome For All using the hashtag #atchat on Twitter. Each week a new question will be posed inviting readers around the world to participate in the discussion. Questions will also be posed on Flipgrid. The password to enter is atchat18. Participants are invited to respond using the modality of their choice!

Join the conversation, engage with others, and help others transform into Educational Experience Designers!

And, just in case you’re like, “What the heck is this book about?” Here’s more info about The New Assistive Tech!

LRO QuoteThis book:

  • Provides a methodology for transforming educators into experience designers by adopting a mindset of inclusive practices.
  • Details how an educational team can effectively request assistance to determine technology needs.
  • Explains how to provide assistance by coaching an educational team through a process to make informed decisions about technology needs.
  • Describes a proactive approach to professional development for individuals and for those who train others on the use of technology.
  • Assists individuals or teams in creating an action plan for developing a culture of inclusion.
  • Interweaves stories, songs, games, activities and other exciting features to make the experience of reading the book fun!

EXPEAT_Social-Graphics_Author-Quotes_TW_2_02-2018_v1The New Assistive Tech is a catalyst for breaking down walls between special education and general education, and will help all educators realize they have tech knowledge (and can build upon that knowledge) that can be used to support all students, including those with disabilities.

EXPEAT_Social-Graphics_Author-Quotes_TW_1_02-2018_v1 (1)





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