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Time to Vote! The A.T.TIPSCAST & ATEval2Go were nominated for 2013 Edublog Awards!

The 2013 Edublog Award nominations are out! The A.T.TIPSCAST has been nominated in the category of “Best Podcasts or Google Hangouts“. Also, ATEval2Go has been nominated in the category of “Best Mobile App“! Please vote to bump them up the rankings and share with your colleagues, friends, and family!

ATTIPScast Logo 1 big

Click the logos to vote!

ATEval2Go logo

Click on the little arrow below the A.T.TIPSCAST or ATEval2Go logos to vote! You should see the number go up by one. See the image below.

howtovote2013Voting ends on December 18th, 2013

While you’re there, vote for these deserving resources as well!

Best Individual Blog – Teaching All Students by Patrick Black

Best Individual Blog & Best Ed Tech BlogPrAACtical AAC

Best Group Blog – ASHAsphere by the American Speech Hearing Language Association

Best Group BlogPartners in Learning – Hot Topics – Accessibility by my teammates Dr. Cynthia Feist and Dr. Tara Jeffs

Best Ed Tech Blog & Best Teacher Blog – SpeechTechie by Sean Sweeney

Best Hashtag – #atchat

Best Educational Use of a Wiki – UDLTechToolkit

Best Open PD/Webinar/UnconferenceVSTELive! Webinars

One last thing…

Even if you don’t vote, take some time to explore all the fantastic nominees. The reason they are nominated is because these resources have earned the respect of their peers. These resources have made a lasting impact on people resulting in authentic invigoration, innovation, and inspiration. One or more of these resources might have the same impact on you! You can view them all here.