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AT Maker Day Coming to ATIA 2018

ATIA Maker Day Saturday, February 2, 2018 Banner Heading. Four images of people smiling and making things with soldering guns.

Are you going to the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida in February of 2018? If so, join AT Makers for AT Maker Day! There will be activities where AT Maker groups share their projects, sessions where you learn new maker skills, and opportunities to brainstorm problems and project ideas. AT Maker Day is a free event! Don’t just make stuff! Make stuff to HELP others!

Sadly, I won’t be at ATIA 2018, so you need to go for me! I need to hear all about it!

New Book Update!

The book has gone to the copy editor! The title and cover design will the announced soon! I’m super excited to bring it to you!

ATIA Pre-Conference Announcement – Digital Make & Take

Digital Make and Take: Digging Deeper

Advertisement for Digging Deeper Presconference

Two Day Pre-Conference, January 28th and 29th

 2014 Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference

 with Christopher Bugaj and Beth Poss


How often do you go to workshops, learn about new tools but upon returning home, never have time to develop your skills with the tools in order to use them successfully?

Don’t Sit N’ Get!

Do More. Learn More. Create More. Accomplish More.

We created a two day session which provides you with the opportunity to dig deep, learning how to use various digital applications with guidance and support. Come with an idea for an initiative, program, lesson, or activity that you’d like to start in your educational institution to propagate a change. Brainstorm, cultivate, and formulate that idea into something tangible and actionable using digital tools. Create a resource with the tools to take back home to use with students, clients, colleagues, or other staff. Use the time in this session to see your idea all the way through to fruition with guided practice from the facilitators. This session will minimize talking at you and maximize hands on doing!


Strategy-A-Day Calendar

Multimedia Professional Development Workshop


Social Media Presence (using tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pheed, LinkedIn, SnapGuide, etc.)


Video Channel

App Review Resource

Online Professional Development Workshop

Multimedia Slideshow Series



Comic Strip Series centered around a particular topic

(ex. 5 Comics to Teach Core Vocabulary, 5 Comics to Teach UDL, etc.)

Social Bookmarking Group