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Updates & Announcements

Dear Chris, 

Where the heck have you been? There hasn’t been any new updates to the A.T.TIPScast in awhile. What’s the deal? While you’re busy explaining things, here’s another question for you. The Practical and Fun Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools turns 7 years old in April. Are there any plans for another book? Do you have any plans to do anything else? Whatchya working on? What’s keeping you busy these days?

Thanks for keeping us in the loop,



Dear Everyone,

Thank you for the questions. Believe me, no one is itching to get back to producing new podcast episodes more than me! I miss it! As for now though, the A.T.TIPScast is on vacation as number of different projects have taken precedence. Recently, I participated in an interview with Mai Ling Chan who recently launched YappGuruU, a new online learning platform specializing in courses for professionals working with people with disabilities. In the interview, we discuss some past events like the TEDxAshburn presentation but then dive into what’s been going on currently. Here’s a link to watch the video over on Facebook Live.

But, for those of you like me, List Lovers, here’s the breakdown of what’s up…with bullets!

  • Episode YouTube Conversion Project  – Every episode of the A.T.TIPScast is being converted and archived in YouTube. Check out the progress over at the A.T.TIPScast YouTube page.
  • Presentations & Coaching – Whether in person, via video conference, or through a webinar, I’ve been busy presenting. I’ve also been coaching teams working to bring about change in their educational institutions with regard to technology implementation for people with disabilities. You can see an entire list of presentation here.
  • YappGuru University Course – Once the A.T.TIPScast episodes are loaded in YouTube, I’ll be working to put them together in a way where people can get professional development credit for listening to them through YappGuru University.
  • NEW BOOK! – I’m busy writing a new book to be published by the International Society for Technology in Education. The book is an entirely new work focusing on creating practices and programs built upon educational experiences designed for every learner using contemporary technology considerations.

So, that’s what’s going on with me! If you’re reading this, then it’s because of you I have all these opportunities to make a change in the world.

Thank you for your support!