A.T.TIPSCAST #108: A Tour of Pre-K Stations

Episode Overview-

Episode #108 features my 4 year old daughter taking listeners on a tour of her pre-kindergarten program describing aspects of stations including the Discovery Area, the Music Area, the Dramatic Play Area, the Puzzle Area, the Building Center, the Sensory Table, and the Book Corner.

A.T.TIPS in this Episode –

A.T.TIP #307 – Peace Object

Students touch or hold an object together as they discuss their differences as a reminder that even though they had an argument, there can be a peaceful resolution.

A.T.TIP #308 – Speaker Object

A student touches or holds an object to indicate he or she is speaking. This object also serves as a visual reminder to the listener to be respectful to the one who is talking.

A.T.TIP #309 – Labeling Stations

Placing a visual representation with corresponding text at each station.

A.T.TIP #310 – Digital Pictures of Students to Represent Location

Students move visuals of themselves and place them at the station to indicate where they plan to spend their time. When all of the spaces on the visual chart are filled no other students may join in that area. The visual representation of individualized location tends to decrease roaming.

A.T.TIP #311 – Defining a Space

Tape can be used to define an area to provide students with a visual cue to help them understand and respect physical boundaries.

Mentioned In This Episode –

PDF Slideshow of Maggie and the Stations

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