A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #109: The Magic LAMP

Episode Overview-

Episode #109 features a discussion of the approach to augmentative / alternative communication known as Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP).

This episode also features a bumper from Lucas McCarty.

A.T.TIPS in this Episode –

A.T.TIP #312 – Be goofy to coax communication

A.T.TIP #313 – Keep symbols where they are on an AAC device

A.T.TIP #314 – Use of a key guard to help with targeting difficulties on an AAC device

A.T.TIP #315 – Start with the most cells as possible when implementing an AAC device

A.T.TIP #316 – Place semantically similar words apart on an AAC device

A.T.TIP #317 – Using or combining phonetically similar words in lieu of additional fringe symbols

A.T.TIP #318 – Show teams “end user” videos, like the one below…

Example: Lucas McCarty uses LAMP to communicate his dream

Mentioned In This Episode –

Only God Could Hear Me Trailer – Documentary featuring Lucas McCarty

Year of Our Lord: Faith, Hope, and Harmony in the Mississippi Delta – Book by T.R. Pearson about Lucas McCarty

Picture of the ATEval2Go Vendor Session at ATIA 2013 (Thanks to @Briandowd for snapping the panoramic pic)

Chris presents ATEval2Go at

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4 thoughts on “A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #109: The Magic LAMP

    1. Christopher Bugaj Post author

      Thanks Cheryl!
      I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier, but as soon as it came up during the workshop I was like, “YES!” I should have been doing that all along! I wonder how many other choices relating to technology/strategy implementation are just assumptions or “this is how I’ve always done it” sort of mistakes I’m making. I guess this is why we’re always learning!


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