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ISTE ’18 People’s Choice Session

This year the International Society for Technology in Education is hosting its first ever People’s Choice Award style contest for presentation proposals to the annual conference. Mike Marotta (@mmatp) and I have teamed up to put together a proposal for a session called 25 Ways To Improve Your Inclusive Practices. We need your help to get accepted!

Please vote!

Vote button

We made a introduction video to help you better understand for what you’re voting. Have a look!

Thanks for voting!


NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! The NEW Assistive Tech: Make Learning AWESOME For All

Cover of the New Assistive Tech: Make Learning Awesome For All!

Here it is!

The cover and title for the new book!

Pre-orders now available!

The NEW Assistive Technology: Make Learning AWESOME For All!





AT Maker Day Coming to ATIA 2018

ATIA Maker Day Saturday, February 2, 2018 Banner Heading. Four images of people smiling and making things with soldering guns.

Are you going to the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida in February of 2018? If so, join AT Makers for AT Maker Day! There will be activities where AT Maker groups share their projects, sessions where you learn new maker skills, and opportunities to brainstorm problems and project ideas. AT Maker Day is a free event! Don’t just make stuff! Make stuff to HELP others!

Sadly, I won’t be at ATIA 2018, so you need to go for me! I need to hear all about it!

New Book Update!

The book has gone to the copy editor! The title and cover design will the announced soon! I’m super excited to bring it to you!


Updates & Announcements

The A.T.TIPSCAST has been going through some updates lately.

New Hosting Site!

I’ve moved the audio files associated with the A.T.TIPScast from Cyberears to Podbean. If you experience any interruptions to how you access the A.T.TIPSCAST using your podcast application, re-subscribe! You can access every episode from I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

YouTube Project Finished!

Every episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST has been converted into a video and uploaded to YouTube. You can access a video version of every episode from the YouTube Channel.

New Show! Talking With Tech

New content for the A.T.TIPSCAST continues to be on hold, but that doesn’t mean new content isn’t being produced! I’ve partnered with Lucas Steuber from SpeechScience and Rachel Madel to create a new podcast called Talking with Tech! The new podcast features discussions about technology related to communication and beyond!

New Book Update!

The book has gone through the first round of peer reviews! It is time to use their feedback to tighten some things up and move some things around to make it the best it can be before its ready to be released into the wild.

Thanks for bearing with all these changes!


5 Necessary Components of Effective AAC Implementation YappGuru University Webinar

Woman and girl looking at a tablet. ASHA CEU logo in top right corner. Title which reads Five Necessary Components of Effective AAC Implementation is imposed in the lower right.This week I was invited to present an hour long webinar for YappGuru University’s AAC After Work series. The series featured a number of internationally known presenters who work in the field of Augmentative/Alternative Communication and Assistive Technology. I presented Five Necessary Components of Effective AAC Implementation. You can find the slide deck by going to

The webinar was recorded and can be purchased through YappGuru University by going to YappGuru University offers .10 ASHA CEUs for successful completion.

Below are some of the comments from some live participants:

“OMG I love the house/door thing!!! I need to use this with current parents!”

“These memes!!! I love it!”

“This was one of the best, most effective presentations I have seen!”

“Most excellent presentation! Loved it!”

“Thank you for all the information that was great!”

“This was fantastic!! Thank you!!”






The Least Dangerous Assumption -Cerebral Palsy Foundation Video

Back at ATIA 2017, I was invited to record a video for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation as part of their ongoing video series. I chose to talk about a concept called the Least Dangerous Assumption authored by Anne Donnellan and expounded upon on Cheryl Jorgensen in a follow-up article. The Foundation then took my raw footage and turned into something watchable (and, I hope if you like it, also shareable). Here’s the final cut! I hope I did the concept justice.

Here’s a big thank you to the Foundation for inviting me to record the video and to Karen Janowski for connecting us! Thank you Karen!


The AT Mannequin Challenge at ATIA 2017


three mannequins

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Mannequin Challenge. The concept is simple. For no good reason, create a scene where everyone holds completely still as another person walks through the scene filming it. Then, post your video to entertain or inspire others. Here’s a link to some of the more popular ones which have already been created –

How does this relate assistive technology?

Let’s gather together to participate in a Mannequin Challenge to raise awareness for the use of technology to support people with disabilities. Let’s do an Assistive Technology Mannequin Challenge.

When: Friday, January 20th at 6:30pm ET

Where: At the launch of EdcampAccess at the 2017 Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida


REGISTER for EdcampAccess International

Who: You and every one of your colleagues!

What to do: Creatively show off a concept, principle, practice, or piece of technology used to support a person with a disability by holding a pose for approximately 1 – 2 minutes. Someone, likely me, will slowly move through the crowd filming it.

Once recorded, I’ll edit it together with some music and post it to YouTube. Then we can all share it with everyone we know!

If you have any questions, let me know! 

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE! The Mannequin Challenge Happened! Here is the video we made together!