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A.T.TIPSCAST Episode 82: Paranormal Apptipity

An image of a hand drawn ghost hovering over text reading "ATTIPSCAST #82: Paranormal Apptipity"

Episode Overview-

This episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST is sponsored by Texthelp Systems, provider of award-winning literacy solutions including Read&Write GOLD and Fluency Tutor. To learn about these products and their new suite of web apps go to www.texthelp.com.

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Episode #82 is a recording of an event where Chris and his wife Melissa describe a variety of educational tools as they conduct a paranormal investigation.

A.T.TIPS In This Episode-

A.T.TIP #210 – http://selectsmart.com/topjobs.html

A.T.TIP #211 – The Career Toolkit at http://dreamit-doit.com

A.T.TIP #212 – http://careerpath.com

A.T.TIP #213 – About.me

A.T.TIP #214 – Voice Memo App (for smartphones)

A.T.TIP #215 – Audioboo.fm / Audioboo app (for smartphones)

A.T.TIP #216 – Justin.tv

A.T.TIP #217 – Livestream.com

A.T.TIP #218 – Silence

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