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The 2011 Edublog Awards! Time to Vote!

The 2011 Edublog Award nominations are out! “The Compendium Blog of the A.T.TIPSCAST” has been nominated in the category of “The Best use of Audio/Video/Podcast”. The podcast came in fourth last year! Where will it place this year?!?! We’ll find out on December 14th.

Vote for the A.T.TIPSCAST hereThe following are a list of ways you can help:

1. Vote once per day from work.

2. Vote once per day from home.

3. Vote once per day from your smartphone (if you have one).

4. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to vote once per day at home, work, and from a smartphone.

Click on this VOTE button to vote!

Not sure how? Watch this 1 minute video demonstrating the process.


While you’re there, vote for these deserving resources as well!

Best EdTech/Resource Sharing Blog- SpeechTechie

Best Twitter Hashtag- #slpeeps

Best Educational Use of a Wiki- UDLTechToolkit

Best Webinar Series- VSTELive!

One last thing…

Even if you don’t vote, take some time to explore all the fantastic nominees.  The reason they are nominated is because these resources have earned the respect of their peers.  These resources have made a lasting impact on people resulting in authentic invigoration, innovation, and inspiration.  One or more of these resources might have the same impact on you!

A.T.TIPSCAST Nominated for a 2010 Edublog Award!

 Edublog Award Banner

The A.T.TIPSCAST was nominated in the category of

Best Educational Podcast for 2010!

Edublog Award Best Educational Podcast Badge 2010

Please click on the badge above to cast your vote for the A.T.TIPSCAST!  While you’re there, check out all of the other categories for a wealth of highly respected resources!


Thanks for voting!

Edublog Awards 2009: My Nominations

Hello there everyone,

This is a blog-only post. There isn’t any new audio, or official A.T.TIPSCAST episode, associated with this post but don’t click away yet!  This post outlines my nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards.  In my experience most educational bloggers, podcasters, and Tweeters do so on their own time, after work hours because it is their passion.  They aren’t asked to do it and they aren’t paid to do it, but we all benefit from the many hours they put into their craft.

The Edublog Awards provide a way to recognize these enormous efforts.  Here are my nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards:

Best individual blog – Teaching All Students by Patrick Black – (www.teachingall.blogspot.com) – Fresh ideas, multiple resources, and practical solutions for differentiating instruction for EVERY student.

Best individual tweeter – Melissa Techman (www.twitter.com/mtechman) – In my estimation, the most prolific person on Twitter.  Melissa is the first to share valuable resources and insights moving us all forward with her conversations and input.

Best new blog – The Tech Flash by Mark Nichols (www.thetechflash.com) – Although the first post was in October of 09, The Tech Flash is already proving to be one of the most pertinent blogs about technology for all students (with a special focus on students with disabilities) not to mention resources for teachers, administrators, and parents alike.

Best teacher blog – Speech-Language Pathology Sharing by Eric Sailers (www.speechlanguagepathologysharing.blogspot.com) – There aren’t many speech-language pathologists who integrate technology in their practice and share those experiences with the world at large.  Few skills are as important to a student as the ability to communicate, let alone communicate effectively.  This well-planned and thorough blog provides support to every teacher who has a student with communication difficulties.

Best educational use of audio – Teacher 2.0 podcast by Rodd Lucier (www.thecleversheep.com) – I could be wrong about this, but I believe the willingness of teachers to listen to an audio file correlates directly to the length of that file.  The longer the file, the less likely it is that a teacher will listen to it.  The Teacher 2.0 podcast provides succinct yet thought-provoking topics on education technology that make listeners feel like they are part of an active  conversation rather than a passive member of the audience.

Best educational wiki – The UDLTechToolKit by Karen Janowski & Joyce Kazman Valenza (http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/) – Simply the best collection of tools on the web for differentiating instruction.  A teacher could get lost for hours in the possibilities for students.  Any visitor instantly begins to see solutions for students they work with on a daily basis.

Best educational use of a social networking service – The Assistive Technology Ning by Brian Wojcik (http://assistivetech.ning.com/) – The Assistive Technology Ning provides individuals who are interested in the topic of assistive technology with a way of having virtual discussions including the ability to share multimedia (text, video, audio, images, etc.) while also providing a way to have a visual representation of its participants.

I hope you check out these fabulous resources and, if you agree with my choices, consider voting for these fantastic creations, projects, and initiatives to recognize the dedication of these individuals.  Find out more information about how to participate over at The Edublog Awards.