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Sneak Peek: Digital Storytelling Sample

A future episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST will focus on digital storytelling. Britely.com is one site that can be used to easily create digital stories. The future episode will focus on the why’s, how’s, and how-to’s related to the implementation of digital storytelling for students. In the meantime, my wife created a few fun, comedic, and inspiring digital stories to be used as examples. The first is titled A Toddler’s Guide to Pumpkin Carving and the second is titledĀ  Finding My Way. They both work just like a slideshow with full screen images containing overlayed text. We hope you enjoy them! If you do, please like it, share it, pin it, tweet it, email it, and/or comment on them. We hope you enjoy the story!

The title of the book over a background of a bunch of pumpkins

Picture of silhoutte of woman running with the text "Finding My Way" in front of it.

Upcoming Presentations


Mission Possible: Proliferating a Culture of Universal Design for Learning with Beth Poss & Chris Bugaj. January 29th & 30th, 2013 at the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida.