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A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #106: Thankful For…

Episode Overview-

Episode #106 features a brief discussion of a number of assistive technology tools Chris is thankful to have access to use for himself, to share with educators, and the can be used with students.

This episode also features a bumper from Daniel McNulty, State Director of the PATINSPROJECT in Indiana.

A.T.TIPS in this Episode-

A.T.TIPĀ 300 – The Periodic Table of AAC by Kate Ahern

A.T.TIP 301 – Symbaloo.com

Chris's Symbaloo HomePage

A.T.TIP 302 – PATINS TV for Professional Development

A.T.TIP 303 – OpenClipArt.org

A.T.TIP 304 – Soungle.com

A.T.TIP 305 – The EduBlog Awards

Upcoming Presentations


Mission Possible: Proliferating a Culture of Universal Design for Learning with Beth Poss & Chris Bugaj. January 29th & 30th, 2013 at the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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