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A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #148: Step Into The Light

Parody poster from the movie Poltergeist with a little girl sitting in front of an iPad screen with static on it

Episode Overview –

“Technology’s heeerrrrreeee!”

A.T.TIPS in this Episode –

A.T.TIP #468: Tweentribune.com

A.T.TIP #469: WolframAlpha.com

A.T.TIP #470: Word Prediction (QuickType) on iOS – http://bit.ly/quicktypetutorial

A.T.TIP #471: AnswerGarden.ch

A.T.TIP #472: Pearltrees.com

A.T.TIP #473: Voxer.com

A.T.TIP #474: Airdrop on iOS for transferring files – http://bit.ly/airdroptutorial

A.T.TIP #475: Speak Screen for iOS – http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ios/ 

Upcoming Live Presentations

Indianapolis, Indiana – November 2015

Universal Design for 21st Century Learning (with Beth Poss)

Multiple Means of Professional Development (with Beth Poss)

Getting to the Core of Language Acquisition

The Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference in Orlando, Florida – February 2016

One-day Pre-conference – Universal Design for 21st-Century Learning (with Beth Poss) REGISTER NOW!

One-day Pre-conference –Evolution of an AT Team: Real World Experiences Shaping Practices (with Sally Norton-Darr and Mark Nichols) REGISTER NOW!

ISAAC Conference in Toronto, Canada – August 2016

AAC Practitioners in the 21st Century: Leveraging Our Efforts through Social Media and Digital Technologies (with Carole Zangari)

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