A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #90: Summary of Summarizers

Episode Overview-

This episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST is sponsored by Texthelp Systems, provider of award-winning literacy solutions including Read&Write GOLD and Fluency Tutor. To learn about these products and their new suite of web apps go to www.texthelp.com.

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Episode #90 features a discussion of tools that can be used to summarize text.

This episode also features a bumper from Sharon Jones, from the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center, telling everyone about the assistive technology consideration and assessment resources over at http://ttaconline.org/atsdp

A.T.TIPS in this Episode:

A.T.TIP 260 – http://wikisummarizer.com

A.T.TIP 261 – The Simple English language of Wikipedia

screenshot the Simple English language option in WikipediaA.T.TIP 262 – http://tools4noobs.com/summarize

A.T.TIP 263 – Document Summary feature of Greatsummary.com

A.T.TIP 264 – smmry.com

A.T.TIP 265 – freesummarizer.com

A.T.TIP 266 – textcompactor.com

A.T.TIP 267 – Summly iOS App

Also Mentioned in This Episode-

Andrew Hess from Mamaroneck Schools in New York.

iThoughts Graphic Organizing iOS App

Xmind – Graphic Organizing Software

Contact Information-




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