A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #116: How To Help Say Things

Episode Overview-

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Episode #116 features a description of how and why to use core vocabulary (high frequency words) as the basis for an augmentative/alternative communication system.

The entire episode was generated using only “Frequently Occurring Home and School Words” from the list generated in the article “Vocabulary-Use Patterns in Preschool Children: Effects of Context and Time Sampling” by Christine A. Marvin, David R. Beukelman, and Denise Bilyeu published in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Volume 10 in December, 1994.

The episode demonstrates that using only high frequency words users can still elicit complex, generative language.

You might find it beneficial to listen to the episode twice or to read along as you listen to the episode. TRANSCRIPT: http://bit.ly/howtohelpsaythingstranscript

A.T.TIPS in this Episode –

A.T.TIP #355 – When using core vocabulary, give students the opportunity to make requests by labeling descriptors (adjectives) or qualities rather than naming an object.

A.T.TIP #356 – Give students the opportunity to direct others to allow them to realize they have an impact on how others perform or behave.

A.T.TIP #357 – When it comes to functional augmentative alternative communication (or any communication for that matter) meaning trumps form (syntax). The meaning of a message is more important than how it is said.

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2 thoughts on “A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #116: How To Help Say Things

  1. Rose-Marie

    Chris, what a strong way to say many big things! I like this! It’s good way to show people how to say stuff. And it’s good thing for people to try together, like people who only want boys and girls to use very big, messy things.

    Also, there is room for different things for big guys and girls to use, like “ask” or “words,” not “ant” or “bean.” Try what does good!!


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