A.T.TIPSCAST Special Episode #4: ISTE Author Podcast Interview

Episode Overview-

Hey everyone,

This special episode features an interview Sally Norton-Darr and I did for the ISTE Author Podcast Series.  In the interview we talk about what is assistive technology, why we wrote the book, why it is both practical and fun, and provide some tips for new and veteran assistive technology teams.  We also have some fun telling about some team pranks!  Enjoy!

Book Information-

Podcast Hosting

2 thoughts on “A.T.TIPSCAST Special Episode #4: ISTE Author Podcast Interview

    1. Chris

      Oh yes! I am very clever like that! LOL!
      Yeah, in fact, back in the beginning, I used to write it like this A.T.TIPScast but keeping things in caps was difficult. I still revert to it sometimes. Thanks for listening Patrick!


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