A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #61: Room (Re-)Arranging

Here is a link to download the audio directly- Episode #61- Room (Re-)Arranging

Episode Overview-

This episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST is sponsored by Texthelp Systems, provider of award-winning literacy solutions including Read&Write GOLD and Fluency Tutor. For more information, go to www.texthelp.com.

Read & Write Gold, TextHelp, and Fluency Tutor logos

Episode #61 features a description of two virtual classroom layout tools. This is the first episode of Season 4 of the A.T.TIPSCAST!

A.T.TIPS In This Episode-

A.T.TIP #110: http://teacher.scholastic.com/tools/class_setup/

The following is a sample room designed using this tool:

Sample Room

A.T.TIP #111: http://classroom.4teachers.org

The following is a sample room designed using this tool:

Sample Room

Also Mentioned in this Episode-

Night Light Stories – http://nightlightstories.net

A Place for Everyone (Free Audio Story) – http://media.libsyn.com/media/nightlightstories/UntitledImaginationStoryFinal12.mp3

Contact Information-

A.T.TIPPERS group on Facebook and Classroom 2.0

Facebook Fan Page


Leave a comment down below or drop me a line at attipscast@gmail.com. Let me know what you think of the show! You can access the podcast and register as a fan of the show from here:

Podcast Hosting


Thanks everyone and happy listening!


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